On Time Customs Brokerage

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U.S. Licensed Customs Broker

We clear customs in any U.S Port for all modes of transportation, including:

• Air 
• Ocean 
• Rail 
• Truck 
• ISF filing (Import security filing10+2)

 Ensuring that your business is paying the correct duties and is compliant with federal agencies' requirements is our number one priority.  
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Looking for reliable and cost effective solution to obtain refund for paid duties? Search no further, we can provide drawback services at a reasonable cost for: 

• Manufacturing Drawback
• Rejected Merchandise Drawback 
• Unused Merchandise Drawback 

We can also file Notice of Intent and One-Time Waivers for past and future drawbacks
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Worried about China tariffs?  Feeling uncertain about paying too much duties?  Our compliance team can ensure that your goods are correctly classified through Binding Rulings Program that offers your business protection through:

• CBP Classification Rulings 
• Proper Country of Origin Rulings 

Using On Time Customs as your broker is like having your own in-house compiance department!
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Offering round the clock support to our business partners is what allows us to have the highest client satisfaction rate in the industry

We are a compliance-driven customs brokerage that provides

Unforgettable  Service

to our clients. Our offerings include Importer Security Filings (ISF), customs entries, drawback claims, and logistical consultancy. Our aim is to ensure the on-time clearance and delivery of your goods, payment of correct duties, and complaince with all federal agency requirements.

Our Commitment

We're commited towards our clients' success as they navigate the post-pandemic supply chain challenges. We offer customized solutions and guidance empowering our customers to become leaders of their industries.
Individual approach to each client

Our Verticals

Our mission is to transform our clients' experience of the import process. We specifically tailor our services to meet customers' needs. Our expertise includes:

- Fashion
- Food & Beverage
- Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
- Beauty
- Hospitality
- Electronics
- Industrial
- Marine
- Mining & Energy
- Vehicles
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